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USB host mode with STM32-H407

Started by billr, April 14, 2013, 08:01:15 PM

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Does anyone have a simple demo using the FS port on the H407 in USB Host mode? The provided demo software calls itself USB_Host, but in reality, it is running in device mode and simulating a USB mouse. I need to connect a keyboard to the FS port and have the software report key pushes.

I've tried building a demo based on the ST USB Library demo projects, but most of the time it fails to get past the enumeration phase. Would like to share knowledge with someone who actually has it working, for any helpful advice.



Actually if somebody has experience in that field we'd also appreciate some info on the hosts. We are struggling with such an example for a new board with STM32F405.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one struggling with this. Hopefully, someone has got it working on a STM32 part of some sort that can be used as a starting point.


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That looks like an interesting project. Please keep us posted on your progress in getting it working. I notice the USB Host support is marked as "planned/under development".


The Descriptor you send to initialize the USB will determine how it will show it self.
I found this for that might be of help.
this link will explain the HID
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