wifi support on sd card sold byOlimex?

Started by christianako, February 02, 2013, 09:07:59 PM

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I just wonder if Wifi is supported on the Arch distribution that Olimex sells? I just bought one and a Olinuxino micro and need to connect to the internet.

Also is there any way that I can get my regular usb-keyboard to work with the micro? The manual says it only works with high speed usb devices..


Not as far as I can tell...  I had to 'dd' a new disk image (imx233_kernel_2.6_ARCH_FS_WIFI.img) to a mini-sd.  I seem to have all of the files/commands, but still have not figured out how to get it to work.  Seems I saw a how-to, just have to remember where it is.


Ok, so I've successfully used the Olinuxino micro with a usb keyboard and a hub.
It did not work to connect the keyboard to the board directly for reasons explained in the manual.

thanks also to the owner of this website: http://www.jann.cc/ for info.

/ Christian