board size and file

Started by Matthias, May 22, 2013, 07:01:33 PM

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I could not find the size of the micro board yet...

I managed to find the drawings on github (a link on the product page or anywhere else on the site would be helpful)
but the .brd file does not open in Eagle - is there a way I can open it in OSX?

thank you


the CAD files are made with Eagle
which Eagle version do you use and what error you get when you try to open?
make sure you downloaded correctly the files from github


ops, that was a download error. amazing: if I right click on the file name and select: Save Link as... it creates a .brd file while in reality its the .html file where I have to do the same with "View Raw"

and the size is (drrrummm): 3200 x 4000mil = 81.28 x 101.6 mm

thank you!