AVR MKII ISP intermittent communications

Started by lonerzzz, April 24, 2013, 06:36:06 AM

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I purchased the MKII and have used it to communicate with my chip but have only had intermittent success. I have managed to program it several times and verify several times so I suspect that the ISP frequency is too high but under the interface settings in Atmel Studio 6, there is no ability to change the frequency. I also have the red LED on instead of a green one even though programming and verification of on-chip contents sometimes works. When will the MKII be able to support changes to the frequency? What is the work around in the meantime?




Hey Jason,

MKII supports changes of the programming frequency. I met no problems changing those: http://imgur.com/4JKnq59,221Q1V2#0 , http://imgur.com/4JKnq59,221Q1V2#1.

The problems might be caused by faulty powering of the chip. Or faulty ISO-MK2 powering because of the cable or the USB port(hub).

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