Best programmer for Freescale Kinetis MK20DX256VLL7 with OpenOCD

Started by arthurjrfloripa, May 17, 2013, 08:46:30 pm

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Hi everyone, I have a question .. What is the best programmer for this MCU (MK20DX256VLL7) Family K20 ARM Cortex M4 with OpenOCD (I need linux eclipse IDE)? ARM-USB-TINY? HAve a other way to program this MCU?


Hello there,

About ARM-USB-TINY: OpenOCD is open-source community effort. It sometimes takes a bit long to write support for a specific microcontroller (mainly because no one from the community has purchased it yet). I couldn't find any official support for K20, so you might need to write the .cfg yourself or ask around their forums.

Another thing you might want to check is about the Olimex iMX233-SJTAG. The best idea would be to ask Freescale whether the SJTAG (2-wire JTAG) would work with K20 devices:

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