MSP430G2553 and Olimex 8x8 Matrix Mic

Started by GranoMark, May 05, 2013, 12:54:58 AM

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Hello, I am a beginner using the msp430g2553 with an Olimex 8x8 Matrix. I wrote a code, in assembly, that displays a pattern and uses a pushbutton interrupt to switch between all the patterns. I wanted to modify this code to use the the mic to switch patterns when it hears a clap. I have looked at the Datasheet for the matrix but am not sure what is needed to set up in order to sense an interrupt from the mic. If anyone could help me learn to set up the mic to hear a clap, It would be much appreciated.


   Hi GranoMark!
Are you still interested in this project?
I gave the signal from the mic to the
comparator A .The reference voltage is applied
to the second input of the comparator.The filter
should be included in the output of the comparator.
The program reads the output signal from the comparator (1 or 0).
See my topic  64 LED & MUSIC !
Program is written in C .
I can  answer here or on Twitter ,
but with delays ,since I'm not in my lab.
Best regards taucapic .