5V on 3.3V_REG on OLinuXino NANO board

Started by M-Reimer, July 10, 2014, 09:25:09 AM

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I've tried to control a 3,3V LCD module from my newly bought OLinuXino NANO board. Unfortunately all I got was a black screen. While searching for the reason, I measured the voltage, coming from the UEXT port. Where the schematic says it should deliver 3.3V my board gives me stable 5V voltage.

At the voltage regulator (VR1), which is marked with "BHP16" in my case, I have around 0 ohms between VIN and VOUT. Seems to be shorted.

Is this a known problem with the NANO board? Is "BHP16" actually the right chip type for the voltage regulator? I wasn't able to find a datasheet for this IC.

Thanks in advance.




Hi Manuel,

I checked my iMX233-OLinuXino-NANO board and I have 3.3 V on Pin 1 of the UEXT connector.




Can you please post the label of your VR1 regulator chip? It is at the bottom side of the board next to the Micro-SD slot. It is a small black SMD IC with 5 contact points.


Is marked with "BHP16", I think it's an RICOH RP109x Series.