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msp430 BSL

Started by vincepaz, April 23, 2013, 12:12:26 PM

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I have bought 2 OLIMEX MSP430-BSL. I have succeded in installing the Windows driver but I'm not able to access the TI demoboard. My processor is MSP430F5324. The programm I'm using to handle the OLIMEX msp430 BSL is the one provided by the TI in slau319c. The PC SW contained in this zip file is named BSL_scripter, but I'm not sure it is OK for the OLIMEX tool. Could anyone provide me with a guideline to programm my processor by the OLIMEX MSP430-BSL?
Thanks in advance.


the BSL_scripter ver 1.07 is sneeded.


Hello all,
Using the TI BSL_Scripter version V1.07 together with the Olimex BSL rocket and an MSP430-H5438 Header Board from Olimex i am not able to programm my MSP.
Here is the output from the BSL-scripter programm:

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.
D:\eigeneFiles\TI\MSP430\bootstrap loader\slau319e\BSL_Files\BSL Scripter\Demo S
cripts\5438_Application_Download_and_Verify>BSL_Scripter script.txt

BSL Scripting application 1.07
The local time is: 10:04 on 03.07.2013
Initializing, Mode: 5438  COM: COM1     DONE
Mass Erase:                             FAIL(ee)
RX Password:                            FAIL(ee)
Writing Big_File.txt to device: FAIL writing data block starting at 5c00
CRC from 5c00 of 4096 bytes to 982b     FAIL

My script.txt looks like this (original Demo from TI slau319e.zip):
MODE 543x_family COM26
RX_DATA_BLOCK Big_File.txt
CRC 5C00 1000 982B

I have connected this 6 wires to the 5438-HeaderBoard: TEST,RST,BSL-TX (Pin18),BSL-RX(Pin19),GND and Vcc from the BSL-Rocket.

Any ideas what's going wrong here? The COM Port is correct, i can see activity on the LED of the BSL rocket.
i guess the Demoprogramm from Ti for the 5438-Controller should work. Any help appreciated!

a further question to the BSL Rocket (MSP430-BSL revB):
what are the Pins 8 (TVCC_SENSE), Pin 9 (P4.0) and Pin 10 (P4.3) on the female BSL-target-Connector used for?
Are there any Demoboards from Olimex or TI available with a suitable 10pin-male-BSL-connector?

Best regards, Albert


Hey Albert,

Sorry for the delay!

From hardware point - everything you have done seems correct! The pins you ask for serve no purpose at the moment - they are provided for future use (just in case).

Unfortunately, not a single line of the firmware of MSP430-BSL was written by Olimex, so I can't assist you with the software. I recommend you to contact TI for the software related questions with MSP430-BSL.

Best regards,
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex