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How to use sources on Github

Started by KeesZagers, October 07, 2012, 01:35:09 PM

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On Github you have both sources (in DMBasic) and objects (FIRMWARE). Having both MEGA and eMEGA I tried latest firmware on both units and everything seems to work perfect. At least when I'm using the right firmware for the right unit.

In the mean time I installed the Microchip MPLABX 1.10 and C32 1.11b and reading and compiling the sources seems to work. However this generates only HEX code for the eMEGA with the existing Makefile. In my opinion you need another Makefile for the MEGA. Probably I overlook something, but I cannot find how to generate the target code for the MEGA.

For my specific purpose I need some extra functionality on low-level, but I'm also willing to help on some bugfixing and maybe some additional commands, but then I need some help on this issue.



Hi Kees,

There is a macro defined! From the project properties you can select whether you want to compile the project for eMEGA or MEGA.

1. Righ-click over the project name and go to the project properties
2. Change the processor as shown in the PIC2.png
3. Change the macro configuration using "Destroy" when eMEGA macros is
selected. Check the PIC3.png
4. Rebuild the project,

Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex


Thanks Lub,

Everything seems to work now. I have made two projects: MEGA and eMEGA. I tried to combine them in one configuration file, just by manually editing the XML configuration files, but that did not work up to now. A selector for Olimex MEGA, Olimex eMEGA and Maximite was my intention. But anyway it would be a good idea for the next distribution, I think. At least you should tell something about the differences between MEGA and eMEGA in the README file.



the differences are lot - GPIOs at different places, UEXT, Ethernet etc.
this is why they are separate projects, you can't combine them