Could olimex shield ekg-emg be ran at smart phones?

Started by Deepfreezer, May 18, 2013, 02:06:30 PM

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I have bought an Olimex Shield ekg-emg to use in my project, could electric guru possibly be ran on smartphones?
What type of data do electrodes (ekg-emg pa)send or transfer in the olimex shield ekg-emg to be processed in electric Guru and what is the front-end of the electricGuru? ???

if you could provide the answers, i would be grateful for it could help me do my project ..  ??? ??? ???

thanks :D



ElecGuru wouldn't probably run on a smart phone without some kind of windows emulation. However, there are other programs that might work with SHIELD-EKG-EMG, they might be found at the OpenEEG web-site:

The protocol is seen in the demo code.

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