Enbaling the UART on UEXT on the Olinuxino Maxi

Started by marcolazzaroni, October 05, 2012, 08:19:57 PM

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  I'm using the wonderful Koliqi (Fadil Berisha)'s set of patches found here https://github.com/koliqi/imx23-olinuxino
So I'm able to use kernel 3.6 and as you can see in another post, I have successfully enabled the second SSP port.

I also need to enable the UART pins on UEXT.
I don't know what I have got to modify / to do in the kernel menuconfig in order to enable / use the TXD and RXD pins.
Or simply, it is already running?
In /dev/ I see

MAKEDEV  cpu_dma_latency  input  mmcblk0    net                 ptmx    shm     tty    tty12  tty17  tty21  tty26  tty30  tty35  tty4   tty44  tty49  tty53  tty58  tty62  ttyAMA0  vcsa
block    disk             kmsg   mmcblk0p1  network_latency     pts     snd     tty0   tty13  tty18  tty22  tty27  tty31  tty36  tty40  tty45  tty5   tty54  tty59  tty63  ttyAPP0  vcsa1
bus      fd               log    mmcblk0p2  network_throughput  random  stderr  tty1   tty14  tty19  tty23  tty28  tty32  tty37  tty41  tty46  tty50  tty55  tty6   tty7   urandom  xconsole
char     full             loop0  mmcblk1    null                root    stdin   tty10  tty15  tty2   tty24  tty29  tty33  tty38  tty42  tty47  tty51  tty56  tty60  tty8   vcs      zero
console  initctl          mem    mmcblk1p1  ppp                 rtc0    stdout  tty11  tty16  tty20  tty25  tty3   tty34  tty39  tty43  tty48  tty52  tty57  tty61  tty9   vcs1

I tried the following

sudo echo 'BOOOO' > /dev/ttyAMA0


sudo echo 'BOOOO' > /dev/ttyAPP0

but it tells me
-bash: /dev/ttyAMA0: Permission denied
-bash: /dev/ttyAPP0: Permission denied

I also removed "console=ttyAMA0,115200" from the command line but it didn't change anything.
Any suggestions?
Thank you in advance :-)


Hi Marco,
are you try chmod 777 on your prefered device and retry to open ?


You saved my day!!!
Thank you very much!!
I owe you a beer :-))))