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Future of Basic on Duinomite

Started by KeesZagers, April 22, 2013, 12:06:48 PM

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Last months I spent quite a lot of my evening hours in developing CAN related software for the Duinomite Mega. Started with writing some Basic programs for low performance measurement and generation of CAN messages. Later I extended the standard CAN statements, which were in the last DM-Basic versions, with my own relevant routines. I use them in my own "CAN-school", which is a workshop where students can work on their own CAN nodes now. Basic is just used for scripting; the real advanced CAN routines can be called as a Basic statement with a lot of optional parameters. In the mean time I also have the possiblity to communicate with an Internet connected Duinomite box (via a standard PC as gateway and a local Apache server) anywhere in the world.

So far the introduction; now my real question. As said I have based everything on the DM Basic version 2.7004 and like to use that also in the future. Basic functionality is enough and the bigger the Basic firmware becomes, the less room I have for my own routines. On the Web pages of Geoff Graham I read some not so nice comments on Olimex and the Duinomite. In the mean time the MM Basic is not so open anymore, I have seen. So I'm wondering if I can promote my nice CAN tool also for other purposes, without running directly into all kind of problems, like:
- Hardware redesign and the DM Basic 2.7004 is not running anymore.
- Olimex decides to stop the support of hardware and software as it is now.
- I get problems, because I used software, which was not as open as it promised to be.

If I want to start selling my so-called CBB (CAN Black Box) I would like to get some comments on my problems above.



Hi Kees

Duinomite hardware will be produced "as is" until there is demand for it.
For the moment we do not spend time on Duinomite firmware for further development as the interest in Basic language is minimal.
I do not see any problem you to use and improve DM BASIC, just please do not forget to send me updates which I to push at GitHub, the 2.7 revision which was used to fork Duinomite was open source so I do not see any problems you to use it.




You're safe to use the open version, which I think is GPL.

You likely have to make your changes available under its terms of use.

Sounds like code that some others may actually want, too, so well done!