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Started by flipflops, February 11, 2013, 06:52:45 AM

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I know there are several supported LCD screens with drivers on github for the imx233 but before I go that route, it would be much easier to display to stdout in linux and have it display to the composite output or possibly even run x server and have a custom desktop for messaging so my question is.... are there any low cost (~$15.00) composite screens that will plug-n-play with the imx233?

I have heard of people disassembling broken personal dvd players and such to extract the screens but I was hoping for a reliable source, if possible.



do you live in europe? if so, then browse your local freeads for pocket or portable lcd tvs. now pretty much all europe has gone over to digital and switched analogue tv off these are almost give aways. also check your local dump. ebay has a few guys selling boards that interface any lcd module to hdmi/rca/vga so you could reuse old laptop screens. i use mine on a lcos projector but i do lose a couple of characters from the left and bottom. other users report this too.



Hi, i was using once a this kind of video grabber for olinuxino:
Under Linux i used VLC to get the picture.
i think you also can get something similar cheap everywhere. Much smaller then a monitor or TV:) The quality is not too good, but possible to read the terminal, and i think that's all what you need atm.
--<br />Zoltan Gyarmati


I am using this one with my raspi.. works great!


haven't yet gotten around to using it with the micro.. but i cant see why it wouldn't work.

update: tried it out with micro, works fine :)