Clearing blown fuse on MSP430-5438-STK

Started by pakwoon, March 13, 2013, 09:14:12 AM

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In the process of trying to get the MSP430 Linux tools to work with the MSP430-5438-STK, I have somehow blown the fuse on the board. IAR EW on my Windows machine reports that the fuse is blown and it can't access the device while the FET-Pro430 from Elprotronic reports "JTAG communications initialization" and "Verifying Security Fuse" failures. I am using the MSP-FET430UIF and can still read the firmware version from the pod so I don't think it's a pod problem.

I've also taken a look at the schematics for the development board, and there seems to be no way to access the fuse via the BSL. Unless I desolder one of the legs of the joystick.

Is there anyway to recover this board?



did you read MSP430 datasheet? burning the fuse is not reversable
you should replace the processor now