IMX233 micro unstable

Started by verrochio, February 27, 2013, 01:56:35 PM

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I am using a olinuxino micro with a 3g modem attached
rootfs is Archlinux from Arch website
updated kernel using the image from
kernel version is now 3.7.8

Problem is that it keeps restarting, it gets to the login prompt, and then restarts (sometimes i can use it for 2-3 minutes). I am using the board with the r17 resistor removed.
Is this a power issue or a kernel issue? Where should I look?

I've left it do the reboot loop for a while and now it displays:
Is it a sd card problem?
Sd card is Kingston 16gb class 4


verrochio, please make sure your power supply can deliver the needed amount of current. A rough calculation can be like this: 500mA for the dongle (worst case) + 300mA for the board (again WC) = 800mA. The board can be unstable with weak PSU, which can lead to unexpected board resets and filesystem corruption.


I know about that that is why i have a 2 amp power supply. I measured the current and at it's peak it reaches 600ma on boot (3g modem was also in the circuit) then it settles at about 300,350ma.


I've found the problem, i managed to kill the sd card.
The board still restarts now, less often than before and doesn't seem to have a pattern.
Is it possible that the 3g modem when it's emmiting, to induct a current in olinuxino's traces and that's what's causing the restarts? The 3g modem is sitting at 2-3cm away from the board (about 1 inch).