Potential second LAN port

Started by nelfilcon, March 26, 2013, 08:50:59 PM

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My favorite feature of the AM335x is the integrated two-port Ethernet switch. Beagleboard muxes the pins for the second LAN port as GPIOs to drive on-board LEDs, but I see that all the signals for RGMII2 on the Olimex schematic are available on the GPIO-2 header. GMII2 would also be available if U17 was connected to a header instead of the NAND Flash (maybe it is on a header as well? I didn't look very closely)

Any chance a RGMII PHY might work for if connected to GPIO-2? I see that others have used Qualcomm/Atheros (AR8031 on TI Starter Kit) and Micrel PHYs with this CPU...


From what I have found until now, am335x is the first ARM soc available with two direct GiGE ethernet interfaces.

In my opinion the second lan GiGE port in the ARM ecosystem is the most awaited feature for geeks like me :-)

I saw that the new 802.11AC routers are ARM based, so seems that ARM has lots of potential for IP devices.

An Olimex am3352 board targeted at ( nas, m2m, router, small internet server ) and without all multimedia stuff would be an excellent device for Openwrt and compatible firmwares.


Yes, I agree with you guys.
I'm just looking for a board with 2 LAN ports to make a low cost M2M device...