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Update latest firmware on MOD-IO2

Started by reet, August 05, 2022, 09:22:20 PM

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I want to upload the latest firmware revision 4.3 on MOD-IO2 using Microchip Pickit 3 Debugger and MPLAB IPE v6. However, it is showing an error that the target circuit may require more power than the debug tool can provide. An external power supply might be necessary. Connection Failed.

Please guide how can I upload the latest firmware on MOD-IO2 using PICKit.



Try to increase the voltage a little in the MPLAB IPE settings. Something like 3.4V or 3.5V.

If that fails power MOD-IO2 independently from its power jack and don't power it from Pickit3 (aka remember to DISABLE Pickit3 powering before powering the MOD-IO2 from the power jack).
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