Olimex pinout text inaccurate/incomplete if you're using ethernet ESP32-POE?

Started by danski, November 14, 2020, 04:29:21 pm

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Thank you for the clear answers. That was greatly helpful.
For future readers, I was able to create an SPI interface using EMAC GPIO pins with seemingly no problems. Hope it helps someone.


Looking the pinout picture at https://www.olimex.com/Products/IoT/ESP32/ESP32-POE-ISO/resources/ESP32-POE-ISO-GPIO.png I think there are few errors regarding the EMAC labels.
- First the label EMAC_TX_CLK is duplicated on GPIO0 and GPIO1
- Second, taking a look to the schematic all pins (TX_CLK, TX_ER, RX_CLK, CLK_OUT_180, RXD3, TXD2 an RX_ER) seams NOT connected at all to the connectors.

This is the schematic: https://ibb.co/NCn0tLK
And this is the picture with notes: https://ibb.co/VjdyK4G

Thanks for the development of the board, it's amazing!