Servo control using A20-OLinuXino-LIME2 and Lime2 Shield

Started by faraz, May 12, 2022, 07:11:01 am

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I am trying to control a servo motor using PWM output on GPIO267 or Pin 11 of the Lime2 Shield.

At this stage I would even connect directly to the PB2 or PI3. I am not using any LCD as well.

Has anyone successfully controlled a servo using any of the all winner chips or olimex boards using python?


We've used PWM successfully on many occasions. The backlight of all LCDs that we sell also uses PWM, without PWM they won't work. Did you enable PWM from olinuxino-overlay?
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Hey LubOlimex.

Yes the PWM is enabled in the over lay.
I cannot find any documentation on how to use the PWM.

Will I be able to generate the PWM signal on any GPIO pin? or do I have to use the dedicated PWM?

Just visited the other thread with your reply.

leaving the link here as well for anyone that searches with the same subject.


Hey LubOlimex,

Could you please share scripts/codes to manipulate LCDs?
Also, how do I enable pwm1? or know if its enabled?

I am using lime2 shield and only PWM1 is routed to the shield.

Able to partially solve.  Anyone interested can see more at

Now if someone can tell me, if i can route the hardware pin to different ports. that would be great!. lol