ESP32-CAM low cost WiFi CAM development board with OV2640 2 Mega Pixel Camera module

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  • ESP32-CAM
  • ESP32-CAM-EA
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ESP32-CAM is a low cost development board with WiFi camera. It allows creating IP camera projects for video streaming with different resolutions. ESP32-CAM has build in PCB antenna.
ESP32-CAM-UFL is the same board but with U.FL connector ESP module - an external antenna can be connected.
ESP32-CAM-EA is a module with a small WIFI/BT antenna connected to U.FL.
ESP32-CAM-EAX is a module with a bigger WIFI/BT antenna connected to U.FL.


  • ESP32 SoC with Wi-Fi and BLE connectivity
  • OV2640 2M pixel camera with connector included
  • Micro SD card connector
  • Reset button